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 Legacycloud Rules

Official Rules


  • Advertising on LegacyCloud is strictly not allowed, advertising on the Forums will result in a ban from the Network or/ Forums. Advertising Servers, websites, or IP's are not allowed.
  • You are not allowed to advertise other Discords in public chat. Advertising other Social Media's & videos are not allowed i.e. YouTuber, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Depending on the severity of the Advertisement, it could result in an immediate punishment without an option to appeal your mute.

Excessive Capital Letters & Spamming

  • Spamming is not permitted. Excessive use of caps is not tolerated within our Network, as well as spam on our Forums. Repeating the same message over & over is considered as spam.

Inappropriate Language & Content is forbidden

  • Remember that there are mixed age groups playing within our network & some children, so we ask that all players are mindful of who they are playing with around. Swearing is not allowed on our Network & posts on the forums which include profane language. Inappropriate links will not be tolerated.

Player Disrespect

  • While playing on our Network we ask our users to be kind & respectful to everybody. Please be respectful & kind to others while playing within our Network. Do not write something that will be considered rude, it does hurt others feelings in the end. Discrimination is not tolerated and will result in a punishment. We will not allow, Racism, Sexism, Ageism, Religion, Homophobia, Disability remarks, or any other discrimination.

Respect all Staff Members

  • Please do not start arguments with Staff Members, any decisions made are final. If you feel a member of Staff is being abusive, please report them on the Forums.

IRL Deals, & Buying and Selling Accounts

  • We highly discourage anyone to do IRL Deals, as none of our Staff Team is responsible for any of this, and there is a risk that you may get scammed. If you get scammed/lose any promised item(s) you will be refunded them as it is not our responsibility.
    We do not allow the Sale of Minecraft Accounts, therefore we will not allow it. If you're caught doing it you may be punished.

DDoS & Dox Threats

  • We strictly do not allow any DDoS or/ Dox Threats if a player is caught threatening someone to DDoS or/ Dox them, they will immediately be removed from the Network. IP Grabbing/threatening to grab someones IP also falls under the same rule. Attempting to crash the Server will also lead to a permanent ban from the Network.

Client Modifications

  • Any client modification with an unfair advantage over other players is strictly not allowed, and will result in a permanent ban; can appeal on forums; can purchase an unban. Some examples are as follows. Any type of hacked client, x-ray, schematic printer, tracers, minimaps that display entities.

Staff / Player / YouTuber Impersonation

  • We do not allow others impersonate Players/Staff or YouTubers. It will not be tolerated, as it may trick others into thinking that you're 'the person' If you feel someone is impersonating someone else, make sure to report them on the Forums. Staff will always have a TAG for example, 'Admin', 'Mod', 'Dev', 'Manager' etc. And YouTubers will have a 'YouTuber' tag, or Partners may have a 'Partner' tag.

Leaking Personal Info

  • Sharing or leaking a person's information without their consent will not be allowed, and could result in a punishment. Everyone should be able to feel safe on the internet, that's why we do not allow this and we highly recommend everyone not to share personal details.

Account Security

  • While playing on our Network, it is important that you keep your account safe i.e. In-game, Forums, Discord etc. It is your decision if your gonna share an account, but we will deny excuses such as "My friend hacked using my account" in an appeal.

Forum Rules

Forum Signatures

  • Cannot contain hyperlinks to other Servers.
  • Cannot contain offensive imagery & or/ text.
  • Can contain Youtube videos that are appropriate.
  • Must not contain hyperlinks to offensive/phishing links
  • Must not include a link to a YouTube channel.


  • Cannot contain offensive/vulgar text or imagery.
  • Must not call out a player/staff member in a harassing manner.
  • Threads must be appropriate.

Alternate Account usage

  • It is highly discouraged to share or use alternate accounts to evade a punishment. If you're caught doing this over & over you will eventually receive a permanent IP-ban.

Avatars & Wall

  • Must not contain any form of rapid flashes or fast changing imagery.
  • Cannot contain any offensive text or imagery.
  • Cannot contain hyperlinks to offensive website(s)/phishing links.
  • Cannot contain any harassment towards Staff or any Member of the Community.

Discord Rules

What is Discord?


  • All spam within the Network is strictly prohibited. Any form of repeating the same message over & over is considered spam and may get you punished in the Discord with a kick or warn.


  • Promoting Server IP's, Links, Discord servers, etc is prohibited and will end up with a punishment.

DDOS & DOX Threats

  • We want everyone to feel safe, if someone is threatening to DDoS or Dox they will be banned from the Discord Server. This is discouraged and should not occur anywhere on the Network.


  • Disrespecting any player in the community is not permitted. Harassing Staff over their decision to punish someone or them being unable to fix a Server issue is not allowed.

Discrimination, Harassment, Threats

  • We will not tolerate any sort of Discrimination against a person's race, sex, culture etc.

Leaking Personal Information

  • Sharing or leaking a person's information without their consent is not allowed. Everyone should have their right to privacy.

Ban Evading

  • Ban evading on our Discord is not allowed, if you got a ban it was for a reason. The ban will carry on to alternative accounts.


  • Impersonating a Staff or YouTuber is not permitted, if caught impersonating you will be punished it. And it is highly discouraged that you attempt to impersonate someone.

Allowed Modifications

On Minecraft, anyone can edit/modify their gaming experience to their liking your own or others made modifications. Some of these modifications may be unfair, therefore we have a list of modifications allowed on here.
Using prohibited modifications is strictly against our rules.

  • Chat modifications, Clean Chat, Tabby Chat, Chat Companion
  • Minimap, Rei's Minimap, VoxelMap Mod, Zan's Minimap, Xaero's Minimap
    Note; Players aren't allowed to use Minimaps as an advantage to track players, mobs or entities. If they're enabled it will result in a punishment.
  • Gamma Modifications, Gammar Bright, Better Brightness, Full Bright
  • Macros, 5zig, Macro/Keybind Mod
    Note; You can only use Macros for keybinds and not for automatic purposes, usage of this feature result in a punishment.
  • Shematica
    Note; The printer feature is prohibited and will result in a punishment if used
  • Shaders, Shaders Mod, Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shaders, Sildur's Shaders Mod
  • Sneak/Sprint Toggle, ToggleSneak, BetterSprint, Simple Mods, Zebra's toggle sneak & sprint
  • Status HUD, 5zig, Batty's coordinates PLUS, bspkrs' mods, InGameInfoXML, SimpleMods
  • Performance Modifications, Optifine, BetterFps, FpsPlus, FastCraft
  • World Downloader Mod.
  • Replay Mod.