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  Welcome to LegacyCloud! Passwords and Emails have been reset. Pre-registered users must Register and Verify their account again. Thank you and enjoy the server!

 Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

What is LegacyCloud?

LegacyCloud is a Competitive Minecraft Network created to give people the best PvP experience possible.

If you wish to help LegacyCloud check out our Store here, or continue to play the Server and be a friendly person!

Yes we do! Check it out by clicking on this link, LegacyCloud | Discord.

Do not worry! We're planning to release HCF very soon, with a TON of cool features!

If you believe you have been falsely banned by a Staff member, check out the appeal section here. Remember, we recommend that you appeal within a month since your ban time, since our Staff are only required to keep any evidence for only a month since their ban date.

We strictly do not allow VPN's! We have disabled most of them on our Network; however, if you're caught using one, your account may be banned for a very long time.

If you have a good follower/subscriber count, feel free to check it out here.

On Practice we will be hosting PvP events, such as tournaments and leagues. There will be different Divsions that you and your friends can part in games such as 2v2's, 3v3's, 4v4's, FFA's and lots more!

If you would like to report a potential issue, click here and create a thread, we'll get back to you very soon!

Practice, practice & practice. If you would like to become one of the best PvPers you will need to practice a lot. LegacyCloud is based to be Competitive. That's why we limit Warm-up matches; although if you would like to get unlimited warm-up matches, you can donate here. The good thing is, we've got unlimited Ranked-based games!

If you would like to find out what Mods we allow, you can check out this thread to read about it.

Thank you for playing on LegacyCloud! Although we do not think that there is many hackers on LegacyCloud as we got a very devoted Staff team, and a pretty good Anti-Cheat. (Little spoiler for those who read the FAQ's, we're developing something that we believe may banish hackers forever!)

Although we do have a few Builders already, we're always looking to expand as we're planning to be adding in more Gamemodes very soon! Check out this to apply!

We're currently accepting Developers on multiple Coding languages, such as Java, PhP, JS, Ruby, Ajax, C# and more! If you got a good knowledge in coding and you think you would fit in the Development team of LegacyCloud, then make sure to check this out.

Website FAQ

What is a "Profile"?

Profiles are user accounts in a webpage. These pages show a particular user's public information like facebook, twitter, youtube, etc. It allows other players to contact them through these links. The profiles also show statistics about that player.

How are the player statistics recorded?

The statistics page updates via mysql database. Our custom plugins on the server allow player statistics to be recorded and stored in the website Database.

Is my email shown on my LegacyCloud profile?

No. We will never show your email publicly.

Can I request an email change?

Yes. You can change your email in your settings page of your profile.

Why does my profile page not exist?

Profile pages aren't created but they are "simulated" by checking all users in the website's database. If you haven't joined the server or haven't registered on the website, your profile page will not be available until you do so. If you have done the previous steps and your profile is still unavailable, please contact an Administrator.

Why can't I access my settings page?

You must be logged in to access the settings page for your account. If you are, please confirm you are not trying to access the settings page of another user. It will not work!

I changed my username and now my profile picture is messed up. How do I fix this?

Please go to the settings page of your account. You can change your name in the input box of "Username:".

How does the name change work?

In your settings page, you can change your name in the username input box. After you have changed your name, you must wait till the start of the next month for you to request another name change. This insures if you request your name change on January 31st you can still change your name next month.

Do I need to add a link to my Social Network profiles?

No we do not require a link to your social networking accounts. This is fully optional.

Can I friend other users?

Absolutely! Please insure you are logged in and verified in order to send friend requests.

My login isn't working. What's happening?

It might be possible someone has your login details. If this is true, you may request an account claim here. Otherwise, please check if the website is under maintenance. We disable all account login/registration forms during a maintenance. You will see a message on the login page if there is a maintenance undergoing.

Why don't I have a tag?

Tags are only offered to users with special ranks. These users are either a part of the staff team, famous streamer/youtuber, or other reasons.

The stats page keeps glitching out. What can I do?

Please contact an administrator about the issue.

Will there be more website features?

Yes. The website will always be updated in time.

What is the checkmark by user's names?

The checkmark tells visitors the user is verified. When verified, users have numerous unlocked features unverified users and guests just can't use. It's best to verify your account as you'll be able to do a lot more with the website than normal.