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 LegacyCloud Discord Wiki

On this page, you will be told about some of the Basics of Discord (Installing it) and the LegacyCloud Discord.

Discord is a web browser/program, also mobile compatible. You do not have to use the Discord program, but it's recommended to use it. On Discord there are Text channels & Voice channels. On the LegacyCloud Discord you will be able to meet the entire staff team, some of our partners, lots of new players and some of your friends! We will be running giveaways and events on our Discord, so if you want to take part make sure to join! Before you do anything further, you will need to create an account, once you created one you can join the Discord.

After you've created your Discord Account and have connected to our Discord server, you can roam around and chat with others. We have support channels, suggestion channels, music bots, off-topics and voice channels.

Hope to see you on the Discord!